About HYPE

HYPE is India’s #1 Online Luxury Car Rental Startup. Founded by Raghav Belavadi in
2016, the startup is disrupting the luxury car rental industry. Raghav is a serial
entrepreneur from his earlier startup in Switzerland in the Technology that helped
Insurance companies to assess customer profiles at 360 degrees thereby fine tuning its underwriting practices.

HYPE is a Bangalore based Startup and growing at an average rate of 300% month-on-month in Sales and customer base. Hype grew from a mere 3 cities when launched (Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi) to over 7 cities across India today. With over 2800 Luxury cars in its sleeve of operations, HYPE is India’s largest Online Luxury Car Rental platform today.

HYPE is playing an essential role in today’s Luxury mobility industry. Every day there are millions of people looking to hire a decent car for some special occasions at an affordable price. The reason is obviously what metered Taxis can’t deliver such as safety, security, professional driving and an elite experience and comfort for such an occasion.

Before HYPE stepped in to Indian mobility industry, it was almost a behemoth task to search, call and negotiate different cars and prices and we all headed to the same
wormhole of nontransparent, uneasy experience in hiring a car.

Raghav saw the opportunity when he had to struggle to book a Luxury Car for his Parents’ 50th Wedding anniversary in Bangalore. Despite being a Hi-Tech town the options and the booking experience was terrible. It was when the idea of creating a robust online platform was born.

Web App (www.gohype.in). Currently HYPE is upgrading its entire platform to give even
better hiring experience to its users and also launching its native app on Android

HYPE helps the Car Agencies too in lot many ways in terms of easing the administration overheads and heavy revenue leakages. Helps agencies manage the incoming leads, predictable revenue models, increase in volume of sales and performance rating on its every ride. For an elaborated experience to enjoy various choices of Luxury cars and vans HYPE has over 79 categories of world-class cars and Vans in its wide range of fleet. HYPE is aggressive in its market acquisition strategy and has tie up with many well known Brands in India that regularly use Luxury Car services.

HYPE offers a state of the art Elite Circle Membership program that includes frequent users of Luxury Cars from all walks of society. This program offers exciting super class promotions, discounts, free upgrades and lot more to the members. Heavily plugged into Industries like Bollywood, private jets, yachts, hospitality, spiritual organisations etc.

HYPE has become a favourite platform to hire luxury cars for all ages and groups.
Today HYPE offers 24×7 Customer care service for all its members and offers free
replacement of car in case of any breakdown during the trip.