Porsche Boxster

People have a pre-conceived notion in their minds that taxi or cab means some set of cars. Like in England, the good old black taxis, yellow ones in America and the petite little Indica in India. It’s understandable though. With the emergence of raid hailing mobile apps such as Ola and Uber, people are now acquainted with the taxi booking process and are quite comfortable with it. It is important to note that there is a down side to this scene. Go out and look around you. Streets are filled with Indicas, Etios’ and couple other hatchbacks, which restrict the freedom of selecting cars for everyday users. Also, there is an underlying insufficiency of luxury cars in the mobility sector. 

HYPE is one such mobile app, which resolves both these problems in one go. Luxury is the new comfort. Especially in places like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc., people are waking up to the reality as to how affordable luxury has become. With the advent of mobile apps the process has just become easier. The case in mobility sector is the same. However, there is a serious lack of ways in which people can break out of the existing taxi choices. Also, there is a lack of a proper platform to avail the luxury car rental services. HYPE is not just another ride hailing mobile app. 

HYPE is a vision. A vision to make luxury mobility accessible to a common man. Think about it – 20 years ago, an air-conditioner or a refrigerator was considered to be a luxury and was not easily affordable by everyone. Look how that turned out to be. Almost every household has them now. Cars and taxis will undergo a similar transition in the next couple of years. People are growing tired of small and average cars and the focus is shifting towards swanky and luxury cars. It is only a matter of time before you see streets filled with Audis and BMWs and HYPE is the catalyst in accelerating the process. People can literally rent a stretch limousines and Rolls Royce’s that were only seen in Iron man movies till now, right from their fingertips, hassle free and at affordable prices. This is the kind of revolution HYPE is bringing about. 

With the able leadership of Raghav Belavadi and backed by some of the industry giants, HYPE is on its way to become the go to app for luxury car rentals. Also, additional features like self-drive allow the users to make their dream of driving a Mustang or a BMW a reality. The potential being so high and a market so promising, it is safe to say that HYPE is disrupting the mobility sector by standing out amongst competitors whilst adhering to the purpose of making luxury cars easy and accessible to everyone. 

Sudhanva Vasisht