Luxury Car Rentals is that easy.

Rolls Royce Wraith

India holds one of the richest tradition of affluent lifestyles, families and cultures. From Moguls to the latest Ambani’s India has only seen a sharp raise in accumulating the richest among the richest, and their Luxurious lifestyles. Despite increase in Hospitality industries, chartered planes and Concierge services, a connect travel has been seeing a wide gap in the service offering.

Recently there have been a much needed smartphone App service launch by a startup called Introducing HYPE, probably India’s first App available on Appstore to help elite class customers to book their favourite Rolls Royce and Lamborghini of the world all on their finger tips and quicker than applying a nail polish :-). With Highly Qualified Chauffeurs and hassle free Pick up and Drop or a for even longer durations and most importantly, people can book multiple cars for multiple days. Especially people that are slightly affluent and can afford luxury can make the best use of such a service where Safety, Security and Class matters.

Isn’t it great to have this facility on your finger tips, especially on special occasions like weddings and large events?

HYPE is operating in most of the beautiful cities of India like, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, ChandigarhAmritsarLudhianaShimlaLucknow and Dehradun.It is a feast to watchers’ eyes when Black glittering cars carry you and sure makes the heads turn.

So next time you want to think of hiring a car for a special occasion, book on HYPE. It is way way better than a low end boxes that we all book and struggle with the quality of cars, drivers and of course the service. We all have to pay little extra for a world class service ain’t?